Baraza Resort, Zanzibar, Tanzania

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Baraza Resort

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Baraza Resort

Baraza Resort & Spa, Zanzibar amongst the Top 101 Best Hotels in the world, by Tatler In the southwest, Baraza (see our 101 Best Hotels) might be mistaken for a whitewashed sultan’s palace, with shimmering mosaic interiors, lots of creamy, carved marble and battered brass lanterns. It is wonderfully grand and Arabic in style, alluding to the past but totally up to the minute on both comfort and design. The oil lamps are so large that any genie must be a giant.

There are big wooden drying pans of pungent, perfumed cloves and guinea fowl scuttle past the long and languorous pool, amid lanky palms and a blaze of bougainvilleas...It’s this decadence – the private plunge pools, the lush gardens – blended with Swahili style that hits just the right pitch, perfectly walking the tightrope between local authenticity and high-end flair...This is the new Zanzibar Resort – young, sexy, superbly private.

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Area Attractions

Our Library features a wonderful selection of historical and educational books on Zanzibar and is a comprehensive resource on the History of Zanzibar and East Africa.

We also have a great selection on books with information on animals, trees, spices and fish relative to the Island and East Africa.

We organize classes "under the Palm trees" featuring Mwalimu (teacher) giving Swahili classes and lessons on the History of Zanzibar.

Guests can learn Palm weaving on the beach
Cooking classes are organized regularly where guests learn to prepare some classical Swahili dishes with our excellent chefs who talk about the local spices and their use and importance.

Aside from the Tours and Excursions that are offered at our Guest Relations Desk, Baraza features a selection of activities designed to explore our area and interact with the community

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Baraza Resort Reviews

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Treated like royalty

Rating:  stars

Author: Matthew Bartle

Posted: Monday, May 28 2012, 16:23:55

We were lucky enough to spend 6 nights of our honeymoon here. The villas were beautifully decorated and very spacious. We had a private plunge pool, private sun loungers and a reserved area on the beach. At any time if we wanted any food or drink it was provided, made from scratch. The food was tremendous. I had lobster 4 times in a week! One morning the staff said they would like to offer us lunch on the beach. The built a canope from scratch with woven palm leaves and designed a personalised menu. We had silver service on the beach and felt like celebrities.
There is a reef on the beach which you can walk out about 1 mile in low tide and see tropical reef fish. It also means at high tide that the water is very warm.

To die for

Rating:  stars

Author: Jane Macdonald

Posted: Monday, May 28 2012, 16:27:02

My family and I were travelling for three weeks in Africa. After two weeks of safari we booked the Baraza Resort and Spa to rest for the end of the trip. It was absolutely amazing! The staff was great and you felt very welcome. The rooms were luxurious and you can get a personal plunge pool and a little reading area. The pool had underwater speakers! It was so cool realizing that you could hear the sports game under the water. They had free, pool toys for the kids and you could do anything out on the ocean, like wind surfing. The ocean was so warm and the tides would go all the way out into the horizon exposing the coral. We even went walking in the coral but we got a mega sun burn. The food was brilliant and there were different themes of food every night so everyone would like the food. It was amazing and my family say that they never would come back to one place twice but Baraza is an exception.

Spectacular Oman Palace

Rating:  stars

Author: Simon Coles

Posted: Monday, May 28 2012, 16:24:58

The hotel is just amazing, the decoration is sumptuous with a lot of attention to detail. The furniture and fabrics are just spectacular.You really feel that you are in a Oman Palace.The service is perfect. The beach is spectacular, the sand is ultra white and the sea is turquoise. The suite a huge
The place to go in Zanzibar!

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Baraza Resort - Tanzania Zanzibar Accommodation

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