Kitano Tusitala Hotel, Sogi-Apia, Western-Samoa

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Kitano Tusitala Hotel

PO Box 101, Sogi Apia, 2391
Kitano Tusitala Hotel , Sogi Apia, Western-Samoa
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Tel: 222 529 50 50
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Kitano Tusitala Hotel

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Kitano Hotel Samoa Tusitala

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Author: Mihi Henare

Posted: Monday, April 28 2008, 13:09:08

Just got back from there last week and the rooms need maintenance but the whole experience makes up for it...polite, wonderful staff...great atmosphere awesome service . Great surroundings , best holiday ever

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Kitano Tusitala Hotel - Western-Samoa Sogi-Apia Accommodation

Kitano Tusitala Hotel is located in Western-Samoa Sogi-Apia. We provide accommodation, hotel information, holiday specials, packages, photos, rates and Kitano Tusitala Hotel reviews. Book Kitano Tusitala Hotel online and Save!

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